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A few words from Cathleen O'Bryan Murphy... 

When I am out walking our dogs, I am saddened by all of the litter that I see.  Most people I know don't litter, but some people obviously do.  So, until people stop littering, I believe that it is our duty as citizens of this planet to pick it up, clean it up and green it up!  Besides, nobody likes a litter bug!  Littering is not cool, and picking it up isn't glamorous, but if you don't stop to pick up that next piece of litter who will?  You can start making a difference today!  It's easy.  If people stop littering, I will gladly shut this web site down, but until then, I will continue to help make our world a better piece of litter at a time.  Thanks for making our world a litter free planet!


Don't I look happy?  I'm standing in the canal in front of our house at low tide picking up trash.  Yes, that's a payphone in my hand, and in my other hand I'm holding metal from a screen window frame.

September 7, 2008
We are finished with Tropical Storm Fay clean-up and dodged a bullet with Hannah and Ike.  Our street flooded with TS Fay, but were really lucky and didn't sustain any damage.  Phew!  The one really disturbing part of these storms (aside from no power, downed trees, school closings and flooding) is all of the garbage that washes ashore.  Streets and yards were littered with styrofoam cups, containers, plastic bottles, beer cans and bottles, paper and a variety of trash.  That's really disgusting.  C'mon, people!  Picking up soggy trash is really gross.  Keep doing your part and don't walk past that next piece of litter - put it in its place.  Let's try to leave this planet a little nicer than we found it.  Thanks! 

In front of the fence is our street. Past the fence is our neighbor's yard and the river.

September 20, 2008

Today I am fired up (no pun intended) about the litter and environmental damage created by cigarette butts.  I even added a new page to this site and dedicated the entire page to cigarette butts.  Did you know that cigarette butts do NOT biodegrade?  That's right, people.  They just hang out and contaminate the planet.  They're not made out of cotton either.  They're made out of cellulose acetate and are filled with carcinogens, poisons and potent chemicals.  Read the article I posted from the Chicago Tribune on the Applause! page for all the gory details.  Then I got even more fired up when I walked up and down our street, and picked up 21 cigarette butts on our lawn.  That's amazing, especially because we don't smoke.  So, thanks to the low lifes driving down our street that feel the need to toss their butts on our property.  Some of the butts might have washed onto our lawn from the river (tropical storms, lots of rain), so another nod goes out to the idiots that toss their butts into the river.  I don't care if you smoke, but please be responsible and dispose of your butts properly.  No one wants to see your butt! 

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