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Recognition for outstanding efforts that help make our planet litter free

  • Bistro Aix, one of northeast Florida's most popular restaurants, can add yet another distinction to their long list of outstanding achievements - Jacksonville's FIRST restaurant to implement a recycling program!  Congratulations to Chef Tom Gray and his dedicated staff for adding recycling to their award winnning menu!

  • Water bottles made from plants?  It's true!  Primo Water uses plastic made from 100% renewable plants grown in the United States.  If you have to have bottled water, Primo Water is a better choice. 

  • Hats off to Tim Kinnear of Jacksonville, FL for outstanding efforts in cleaning up an abandoned school building.  Great job, Tim and what a great way to lead by example.  Many thanks to you and your fellow volunteers for all of your hard work!

  • Hooray for Reef Relief!  Kids attending Reef Relief's Coral Camp in Key West, FL pick up trash to prevent it from washing down street drains and contaminating the ocean.   Reef Relief's Coral Camp is a camp where elementary-aged children learn hands-on about the world's third largest coral reef, its marine life and their combined health problems caused by water pollution.
  • City of Chicago to issue $500 fine for smoking or tossing a cigarette butt within 15 feet of a beach.
  • Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!  Wake up the echoes recycling at games...  The University of Notre Dame implemented a Game Day Recycling Program beginning with the 2008 football season.  After the first game, they collected over 24,000 lbs. of recycling!  That's seven times more than what was collected the entire season the year before.  The Fighting Irish really are GREEN!


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