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It's time to snuff out cigarette butt litter!  1.7 billion pounds of cigarette butts litter our oceans, lakes, beaches and the rest of our planet EVERY year.  There is so much to be said about cigarette butts, that this entire page is dedicated to the environmental impacts of improperly disposed cigarette butts.

Exposing the Butts

4.5 trillion:  Number of cigarette butts that wind up as litter worldwide per year

1.35 trillion: Cigarette filters manufactured annually for major brands of U.S. cigarettes

1.69 billion:  Pounds of butts that wind up as litter worldwide per year

12,000:  Plastic-based fibers in a cigarette filter

5,654:  Number of butts volunteers cleaned up from North Avenue Beach (Chicago) in just 3 hours in September 2006

200:  Number of butts that, taken as a whole, contain enough nicotine to kill an adult

30 :  Percentage of waste in U.S. shorelines, waterways and on land made up by cigarette butts

10-15 years:  Length of time it takes a filter's component fibers to break down; they do not biodegrade

2 months:  Length of time it takes a new, food-starch-based cigarette butt to biodegrade

1:  Rank of cigarette butts in list of worst litter problems in the U.S.

2007 Ocean Conservancy International Coast Cleanup

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